28th September 2011

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Absolutely gorgeous ass - the panties are cute too!

Absolutely gorgeous ass - the panties are cute too!

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9th September 2011


From Need to Aftercare 5. The Act of Spanking

I am a man of simple tastes.I like nothing more than a bare bum ready and waiting.

Unless it is a punishment spanking, which I would admister hard and fast using a cane, I will first warm the bum with a light hand spanking. As I like hand spanking, I would most likly continue, increasing the tempo and watching the bum take on a beautifull rosy glow. Over the knee spanking is very intimate, I will stop and rub my subs bum in a sensous manner. If is a man, his cock is likly to tell me how much he is enjoying himself and with a woman a wet check gives a similar answer.

But, I must confess i enjoy using the cane too. Setting the scene by flicking the cane and making a swishing sound, and gently placing the cane where you are about to strke, teasing by gently dragging the cane over the area, all this helps to build the excitement. After a few light to medium strength strikes, I get my sub to count of, increasing the force behind each strike garually.

At the end of a session, a sub is likly to be ejoying the sensation, even possibly have gone into sub space. I allow tiime to hold them and allow them the time to enjoy it. After all, they have given me my enjoyment, tis is their bonus.

28th June 2011


From Need to Aftercare - 4. Types of Spanking

A Spanking is a Spanking, right? Maybe not, after all we talk about over the knee, about hand spanking, about using a spoon. In fact your greatest tool when it comes to spanking is your (dirty) mind. Lets look at some common forms of spanking;

Common positions include:
    Over the Knee
    Standing and bent over a table or chair,
    Kneeling over a chair
    Spread out over a table, with feet on the ground
    Lying face down on the Bed.
The instruments of torture are many and varied and include:
    Hand Spanking
    Slipper (or shoe)
Then you have the choice of pants on or pants off. Personally I like to spank bare bum, because you get to see the marsk.

There are so many combinations of the above, plus of course your imagination, you should never be bored. Plus and this is the real plus, it cost nothing or very little. All you need is a willing partner and a few moments of privacy.

24th May 2011


From Need to Aftercare: 3. Role Play

Role Play and Spanking go together. There are several scenarios that you can adapt into to your play. All roles are Gender adaptable, a naughty school girl can easily become a naughty school boy. Any scenario can be a basic or as complex as you want it to be.

The most common Role Play is The Head Master and the Naughty Schoolgirl, which can easily become the Head Mistress, School Matron or School Doctor. The Naughty School girl can easily become the Naughty School Boy or even the Naughty Teacher. The Janitor ca be spanked for peeping in the girls showers. You can change the basics to suit yourself. You can use school desks and blackboards to enhance the role play.

Any figure of authority could give a spanking, a Policeman, a Magistrate. Then we have the newly wed who burns the roast. There are so many different scenarios, let your imagination run with it and have fun.

19th April 2011

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From Need to Aftercare: 2. Rituals

Spanking can be, and is often very ritualistic.  Obviously this will differ from person to person, but the basic idea remains the same.

The basic ritual would involve the person to be spanked, waiting quietly with their head bowed.  The spanker would then either remove the spankee’s pants or order them to take them down. Of course the pants can stay up, if this has previously been decided on. The next step involves getting into position. Here I prefer, over the knee for a hand spanking. But the back of a chair, a bed are also good props to position your spankee. There is the old fashioned, “Bend over and touch your toes!”

Rituals can involve laying out tools, canes and straps, taking off your belt,. They could be giving the spankee a stern lecture, or waiting for them to come to you.  These rituals stem from spankings that were experienced in childhood.

Man is a creature of habit and Rituals such as those described above add to the tension that will be relived once the spanking is finished.

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20th February 2011


From Need to Aftercare: 1. The Need

Modern life is stressful. We will often spend our day going from one frustrating situation to another. Often as a day progresses, so does our tension.

I do not believe that a Masochist (What would i know, I am Sadist) likes pain for pains sake. (OK, so maybe some do) But pain is therapeutic. It allows you to focus on the sensation of pain and allowing you to forget the cause of your tension. Spanking is very sensual, there is the positioning, taking down the pants and starting with a hand spanking to warm before e using the cane or the paddle. OK you can skip the hand spanking, but allowing the spankee to ease into it helps them to focus. Different spanker’s will approach things differently but the end result is the same, focussing on the pain (and the pleasure) not the tension and its cause.

Remember, during a spanking, two things happen, the dermis will left away from the the nerve endings and Endorphins (natural pain killers) are release. The endorphins can lead to a feeling of euphoria (we will look at after-care in part 3 of this article), which needs to be handled carefully to avoid the spankee crashing.

Till next time

7th November 2010


Spanking Positions

As your real estate agent will tell you, “Position is everything.”

Over the knee is the ideal position for a hand spanking. It is also ideal for a slipper spanking.

When you use a cane or even a strap you need more room to move around. The spankee can lie on a bed with his/her bum in the air or legs over the edge of the bed. I prefer having them bend over a chair when using a cane.

Another position is lying on his/her back with the legs raised exposing the bum. A good position for a little pussy or cock spanking. 

Spanking is not a particularly expensive pastime. Chairs and beds make the perfect props. No special costume, except a bare bum is required and even that is optional.  You can make your own cane or buy one from your adult store. But if you are a sadist like me, it is a very pleasurable past time.

17th October 2010


Make your own

Though canes are not that expensive to purchase from your local BDSM toys stockist. They are quite fun to make. And belive me using a cane that you have made yourself, will increase your pleasure.

Canes can be made from a variety of materials, I personally prefer Rattan, which I buy by the kilo My partner then cuts into lengths, soaks them overnight in the bath tub, so she can straighten them.  Next step is to dry them, then oil them and add the handle. 

A search on the internet, sould bring up several sites giving you advice on the making of and care of your canes. One such site is Sartans BDSM Worksop. Another place where you can find advice is on Fetlife.

So what are you witing for, get started and you will soon be standing there with the cane you made, listening to it swish.

10th October 2010


19 year old Mel, originally from Congo, wanted to know what the slipper felt like.

3rd October 2010


Tools of the Trade - The Belt

This is an easy one, if mom used a kitchen spoon, then dad used his belt. How often were the words, “Just wait until your father gets home!” uttered.